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Our mission is to help people vote and change public policy

The Glass Capitol (TGC) provides every American the information necessary to vote and connect with their representatives. Based around transparency and ease-of-use, The Glass Capitol lowers the barrier to entry so that everyone can become more engaged in the political process, vote, and advocate for change in public policy.

We built TGC because the American people have the right to participate in government yet at many points in our history, that right has been threatened or eroded. In our current era the voting rights act is weakened, states pursue voter intimidation and disenfranchisement, gerrymandering is rampant, and our votes for Presidency are unequal due to the Electoral College.

Every person must do their part to protect our democracy and the right to vote. In the modern era, a tech based solution can help more Americans do that. To that end we designed TGC around organizing principles that help each individual realize their full influence, so that together, we can implement sweeping legislative reform.

  1. Vote in Every Election

    Our election reminders & online registration check can help everyone ensure they're ready to vote in every election.
  2. Contact Your Representatives

    Find your represenative's contact info at any level of government via our district finder. Our co-founder and former congressional office aid says the best calls last under 2 minutes.
  3. Organize, Organize, Organize

    Your voice alone may not do much, but an organized coalition of voters can accomplish anything. All of TGC's tools are free and open to the public. Share this page and build consensus to tackle the country's greatest problems.

Our universal district finding algorithm is made possible by cenus data and open data initiatives. We currently serve all districts from the federal government, four state governments, and five local governments.

The Glass Capitol is not affiliated with any political parties or special interest groups.

Founded by Alexander Haynes
Co-founded by Daniel Altman

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Every American should monitor their voter registration

Our voter registration systems are vulnerable as one of the few pieces election infrastructure connected to the internet. They represented a key attack vector during the Russian attack on our election in 2016. You can protect your right to vote by monitoring your registration with The Glass Capitol. We'll alert you if anything happens to it so you can fix it. Read more here.