Midterm Elections! Nov 6, 2018

About Us

We believe in democracy because we believe in people.

At The Glass Capitol we work every day to empower people to take ownership and control of their democracies. Our mission is to strengthen and expand democracy around the globe. We want everyone to participate because only together can we can find the best solutions to the world's problems.

Supporting Advocacy Groups Across America

We're proud of the work we do to support existing civic and political organizations in their fight for better public policy and awareness of issues. We know that the best way to bring efficient change is by working with those who are already experts in their communities on the issues they deem important.

Where did we get the name?

Democracy is fragile, and the best democracies are transparent with their people. We represent that concept as a glass capitol building.

Our Team

Alex Haynes
Founder CEO & Lead Developer
Daniel Altman

The Glass Capitol is a for profit organization that makes money through petition response data and impact reports. We take our users data security very seriously.