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We believe that governments should be transparent and open. The Glass Capitol exists to realize that type of governence at all levels.


Our representatives work for us. Our government is of by and for the people. As American citizens its our right to see what our representatives are working on so that we can make informed decisions on who our representatives are. It is our right to look at how well our congress and representatives are performing, but its hard to trust what we read in a media environment rife with bias, spin and purposeful obfuscation. We believe in transparency through data, unbiased, and objective.


In a true democracy everybody has a voice, and everybody is part of the process. We believe every voice must be heard to develop stronger communities, states, and countries. The Glass Capitol lowers the barriers to entry so that more people can participate in the democratic process to grow together as a nation.

The Glass Capitol amplifies the voice of the people by making it easy for us to organize, educate, and direct action toward problems in government

Our Team

Alex Haynes
Founder and CEO
Steven Schweinhart
CTO & Lead Developer
Jordan Smith
Business Liason and Statistician
Daniel Altman
Legal Consultant and Videographer
Sam Nasser
Development Intern
Coleman Platt
Development Intern