Midterm Elections! Nov 6, 2018

How We Protect Your Data

We take a series of precautions to prevent inappropriate or abusive use of our users private data. In some cases we forgo collecting and storing private data, and our terms prevent users of identifying information. TGC data from sharing it publicly or with third parties. The Glass Capitol takes violations of our data privacy policies and terms very seriously.

District Finding
Petition Responses
User Control

Finding Your District

Address and location data is not saved when you find your representatives. We do not want it to exist and have the potential for abuse. According to the Harvard Business Review, that data is classified under Digital Exhaust, a category of data people don't explicitly volunteer, and we're not interested in it.

Districts and your representatives are saved so that you can view their voting records and connect with them.

Signing a Petition

When you volunteer your identity in support of a cause we take precautions against abuse of your information. Partial petition response data: name and email, is made available to the creator of the petition. Full petition response data is available for purchase both by the creators of petititons and other civic or political organizations. These organizations are vetted by hand and must agree not to share or distribute any raw or personal data purchased from The Glass Capitol.

Public Data

Public data includes your representative's voting records, their contact information, and district boundaries. We combine private data you enter when finding representatives with this public data to create a personalized experience that makes it easy for you to interface with your representatives and hold them accountable.