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Community Lobbying at The Glass Capitol

Create web-pages that facilitate action towards solving problems in all levels of government.

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The Glass Capitol’s community lobbying platform equips constituents and organizers with the means to open new lines of communication between citizens and their representatives. Built on the idea that well designed technology can strengthen democracy, our web-pages help solve a fundamental problem in American civil society: cynicism that prevents the public from fully engaging in civic action. We believe the American public should be active and engaged at every level of government and that it should be easy. Our goal is to give a wide range of constituents and organizers access to well designed online tools that help anyone lobby their government.

Universal District Finding -- Target the local level

American cynicism stems, in part, from the lack of real progress anyone faces when attempting to impact federal government. Local scale organizing is the key to fighting that cynicism because local representatives are more responsive, have fewer constituents, and local policy has a more direct impact on people’s everyday lives. We noticed that most of the focus centers on federal government and that people are disconnected from local government and local representatives. Our universal district finder changes that paradigm by finding not just federal representatives, but local and state representatives too.

Easier Action Through Technology

Civic engagement should be easy and effective. We worked with multiple community organizers and elected officials to get a sense of what effective community lobbying looks like and we’re using that knowledge to design easy to use technology that helps all citizens hold their representatives accountable. What we found was that older methods with more direct human contact are the best: the telephone, and the letter. Our click to call feature helps people call their local, state, or federal representatives directly from lobbying pages you create. Ease of action like this lowers the barrier of entry enabling you to facilitate more engagement and share your message anywhere on the internet.

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