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New webapp helps people lobby local representatives

Most American can't name their representatives. A 2014 study by Benson Strategy Group found that 77% of 18-34 yr olds couldn't name one of their senators. It's easy to say that Americans have become complacent, but when this problem afflicts an entire population, there is undeniably some form of systemic failure.

The Glass Capitol is addressing this head on. They’ve created a window into how our government works with the tools to take action.

They make it easy to follow legislative changes that matter to you and be directly connected to the people and representatives that are relevant to these issues.
“We developed TGC because too many of our friends and family were cynical, hopeless, or disenfranchised from our government - for good reason. Our politics can be anywhere from obnoxious to full-on toxic, and trying to sort through the details and misinformation takes endless hours that no one has. We wanted to find a way to help people re-engage in the process, to create a groundwork that anyone could confidently take action from.”
~ Alex Haynes
Founder, CEO
The Glass Capitol works on two fronts. They compile information from many government agencies and non-profits so that its easy to access and visualize. This data-based approach can illuminate how effective your representatives are at legislating, where they stand ideologically, and how responsive they are to your concerns.

With this comes the means to take action. You can follow initiatives that impact your life - from upcoming bills to major movements in your community. Phone numbers, emails, and letter mailing addresses to your representatives are always available; and it's easy to make Facebook and Twitter posts with informative imagery to voice your thoughts.

Everything you need to be informed and active starts here.
“We believe in the American public. When more people have the power to see what’s happening and speak up to corroborate, our democracy can progress. One thing is clear - our government needs us. With the Glass Capitol, it’s easier than ever to be involved.”
~ TGC Team
They are changing the political playing field because they work from the ground up. A citizen’s voice is most powerful at the state and local levels and this is also what impacts people’s lives most directly. Starting in Louisville, TGC is making it possible to see initiatives other citizens are pursuing while making it easy to join together to approach your representatives. It's basically lobbying on the local level, the way it was meant to be. Citizens can have a direct avenue to the decisions being made.
“Lobbying originated as a way for concerned citizens​ to come together and inform their Representatives about issues the Reps don't have time to become experts in. However this has become corrupted by big businesses with the expansion of money in our political system. TGC strives to bring lobbying back to the people by making it easy to organize around an issue and connect with your representatives to lobby them.”
~ Steven Schweinhart
Cofounder, CTO
In 2017 TGC took part in KFTC's participatory budgeting process for Louisville Metro. Using initiatives created on glasscapitol.org KFTC was able to spread information on and lobby for specific items on Louisville Metro's budget.

They are expanding to the state level to include Kentucky legislation by the end of the year. this will be just in time for the 2018 midterm election, so people will have the information platform they need to make an informed decision.

The Glass Capitol is bringing citizens the power to impact policy. They work to take you being party lines to the heart of the issues that affect your daily lives.